Supportive Bras For Fuller Cups

Finding the right bra can be tedious. With the added challenge of having a fuller cup while pregnant or nursing – not an easy task! Don’t fret as we have taken 3 of our most popular styles and designed them each to accommodate fuller cup sizes: Original Nursing Bra, Body Silk Seamless and now our fan favourite; Ballet. All made with sustainable yarns and extending to J cups!!

Ballet Full Cup Bra

We've taken our most beloved Ballet Bra and designed Ballet Full Cup, a bralette with full coverage, full day comfort, and full support with a soft and flattering fit.​

Ballet Full Cup is a supportive pull-away style bra that is feminine and comfortable to sleep in. It's made of cool recycled nylon making it not only supportive to you but also to Mother Earth.

The Ballet Full Cup has an added ply of mesh, lined between the outer and inner fabric for increased support. Its pull-away access makes it easy to breastfeed and skin-to-skin contact and offers wider shoulder straps for extra strength for heavier breasts. This beloved style now accommodates up to a J cup.

The perfect bra does exist.